Pasar Langsat Jakarta – Perdana!

Rindu dengan suasana hangatnya pasar yang tak hanya jadi tempat belanja tapi sekaligus bisa nambah teman?

Pastikan datang ke #PasarLangsatJakarta seri perdana! Di Warung Kebunku nanti, Semai Indonesia akan hadir bersama 11  artisan lokal lainnya, mulai dari artisan sayuran & buah hasil kebun sendiri, lauk pauk yang dibudidaya ramah lingkungan, bumbu, camilan, minuman kopi, jajanan pasar, daaaan masih banyak lagi!

Sampai ketemu Minggu, 18 Maret 2018, mulai jam 08.00 sampai 13.00 dan manfaatkan momen mengenal secara langsung para artisan, dan buka kolaborasi!

Mari dukung semangatt direct trading di #PasarLangsatJakarta, karena ini #BukanPasarBiasa!

Our story

Who wants to be a farmer? Tough question, isn’t it? In the world where everybody wants to be a doctor, IT expert, lawyer, designer or a banker, one will think twice to be a farmer. But when there’s no farmers, who will be taking care of our most basic need: food?


The profession somehow trapped in a bubble, disconnected to the way people lives their lives today, especially the younger generations. One might think that being a farmer does not reflect the challenges and aspirations of the modern world. Today, most people aspires for speed, modernity, exponential profit, etc. Most farmers’ generation chose to work at the factory or construction sector. Not to mention, farming is a difficult job. Farmers are not merely struggling with agricultural factors and low income; they also have to compete with cheap imported products. The pressure on agriculture is increasing.


Nevertheless, this is Indonesia. They don’t call us as an agricultural country for no reason. The land is so blessed. Thanks to the climate, volcanoes, spacious land and enormous supply of water, we can cultivate lots of variety of plants; and we shouldn’t just take it for granted. As part of the generation of the future, we are responsible to join the farmers to cultivate our blessed land and grow our life.


With this background, Semai Indonesia, managed by PT Cinta Bumi Nusantara, started to open its organic farm in 2015. Our farm is located in the slope of Salak Mountain, in Cijeruk area, Bogor, West Java. Currently, we grow more than 30 kinds of vegetables, local fruits and herbs.


Semai Indonesia engage locals who live around their farm to become farmers and passionately educate them to grow fresh produces without using harmful chemical fertilizer and pesticides. We aspire to provide healthy and sustainable products which are not only good for human consumption but also for the environment. Real green, real fresh, real local!

Let’s eat healthy veggies!

Healthy veggies? But, aren’t all veggies healthy?

Well, unfortunately, many fresh produces available in the market are usually grown using harmful chemical pesticides and fertilizer, making its consumption unhealthy. But don’t worry, Semai Indonesia is here to provide you with all natural, 100% pesticides-free fresh vegetables, local fruits and herbs.

We make our own farming system. We make sure that all of our products are natural, organic and free from any chemical residues. Grab your greens now from Semai Indonesia! Real green, real fresh, real local.